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Advertising Tips

You MUST advertise your business if you want to grow your business and attract new customers!

Here is my site dedicated to helping you get more leads for your business:
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There are lots ways to advertise your home based business and many are free. The list on this page should give you plenty of ideas. One thing to remember is to not feel overwhelmed at all the options listed here. It is best to try to master one or two before moving onto other methods of marketing. Any one method alone, done properly, can produce great results. Personally I favour paid advertising as it gives you control over your advertising. Any free advertising can be great when it works, but you have no control over it and it will invariably stop working when you most need it to work!

Here's 14 advertising ideas to get you started ;-)

Paid To Click Sites

With a Paid To Click (PTC) site, a prospective customer is given an incentive to click an advert as they will earn a share of the revenue paid by the advertiser. Most PTC sites offer users the chance to earn 0.5 to 1cent for clicking on an advert. These sites actually convert just as well as far more expensive sites you can advertise on a pay to click basis such as Google Adwords, but at a MUCH lower cost. PTC sites are a great place to advertise for products in the "home based business market" as clearly the people clicking the adverts are keen to earn an additional income.

Here's my top recommended PTC site:

#1 ClixSense - The king of PTC. If you place "standard, 30 second" adverts, you can target by individual country.

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List Builders ("SafeLists")

You may have heard it said "the money is in the list". Basically what this means is that if you have a list of prospects, you can email them over and over again and generate more and more sales - without having to find any new prospects.

There are a range of websites that take a lot of the effort out of this for you. They are effectively clubs where members have opted in to receive emails from members, in exchange for being able to send emails back to other members.

Proof that listbuilders work:


Most people join listbuilders for free and try to earn enough credit in the hopes they'll be able to send enough emails back to get some interest in their offer. However, in reality, the professionals (about 5% of the members) pay for the option of emailing thousands of members every few days. I have found this to be VERY effective in generating interest in my own businesses and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND signing up for as many as you can afford, and take advantage of the one time offer when you register as it will save you around 50% on the cost.

My Quick Video Overview Of Listbuilders:

Here's my top list building site recommendation:

ListJoe: My favourite! email 3,000 members every 3 days

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Discussion Forums

There are numerous discussion forums online. You can take part in discussion and on most forum you are allowed to include a "signature" that tells others a little bit about yourself - and very often contains a link to a web site. Go to Google and search for "XYZ chat forum" (where XYZ is an area you have an interest or knowledge so it doesn't get boring for you!) and register.

Make posts on subjects you know will be popular and get read.

The usual method of making a signature"clickable" is to use the following format -

[url=]Start a business in 3 hours -[/url] I can show you how!

Some discussion forums have thousands of people reading the boards every day and this is a very effective and enjoyable way to get free advertising.

Here's a list of good discussion forums. The reality is you can probably build a great list of contacts and views to your business just by concentrating on 2 or 3 of the forums you feel most comfortable with.

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Social Networking Sites

Social networking has exploded over recent years and includes many names that are now familiar the world over - FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn etc.

Basically the method of advertising with social networking sites is to create a profile all about yourself with links to your business etc. and then invited friends to keep in touch with you and see your profile.

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Article Publishing

In one sense, article publishing is a new form of "press releasing". You write an short article and then submit it for publication through various channels. The article should be factually correct and interesting. You get a chance to add a link at the end of your article explaining a little bit about yourself, your authority and your web site.

Check out the article writing experts at ezinearticles to see what can be done with article writing.

Word of Mouth Advertising

One of the oldest and most highly effective forms of advertising on the planet! It's been said that we're all just 6 links of association from anyone on the earth. That means it's possible to be able to contact absolutely anyone, anywhere, within 6 "friend of a friend" links of association.

That's how businesses such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook etc grow SO fast, virally.

Don't underestimate the power of word of mouth advertising and it's fair to say you should always take every opportunity to tell people what business you are involved with as you never know who they may know!

In other words - tell everyone you know about your business. Don't be shy - but just be measured with your "promotion" so as to not offend anyone. Those who are interested in making more money or starting their own business will show themselves pretty quickly if you let them know that's where your interests lie too.

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Email Signatures

If you are like most people, you get a whole bunch of emails every day. You should add an email signature so that every email you send in reply contains a short and simply message for example:

Get Paid To Shop? - Visit:

Click here for instructions on how to add a signature to an email.

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If you use blogging as a form of advertising, it's effectively a cross between social networking and free classified and article writing! I do not (yet) use blogging to expand my own businesses, but I do know that a lot of people get massive exposure to their businesses by writing a blog.

I won't go into details here about how to set up a blog - but one of the key things is to start to associate with other bloggers on similar "themes" and this will get you "plugged in" to the blogging network.

Search on Google for "how to start a blog" or "how to use blogging to advertise my business".

Again, pick a subject that you are passionate about otherwise you won't have the mental stamina needed to keep a blog up to date. A dead blog is pretty worthless and in fact can damage your reputation so if you're not going to do it right, it may be best to not do it at all.

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Prepaid Envelopes

We all get them - piles of junk mail. However, this can actually be a good thing to a home business entrepreneur. Collect all the prepaid envelopes that come in the junk mail and send it back with a small insert saying something along the lines...

"Fed up opening mail? I know I would be. Fancy earning an extra £500-£2,000 a month? Check out my web site ....."

If you can hand write the note, it has even more power! (better still, hand write it and then scan and print it for speed!)

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Biz Op Seekers

Globally, it's estimated there are around 50,000 people starting a home based business EVERY DAY.

However, most people give up with their business too soon, without realising what they could achieve. So my tip here is to apply for information from as many home business opportunity adverts as you can (search in google for "make money" or "start a business" etc and you'll see hundreds). Date the information, put it in a folder and then go back to these people 3-6 months later asking them if they'd be interested in looking at another business in combination to their existing business. If you manage to make contact, the chances are they will have given up with their previous business and will be keen to try something different.

It may seem a little "devious" but its just a statistic of the home business "market". The reality is most people are simply not professional or organised enough to pull this sort of advertising off. So if you do, I'm pretty sure you will get some good results.

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Press releasing

Once every few weeks post a press release at, in which you include your favorable review of the website or affiliate product, along with your affiliate link. If you pay them $80, they will guarantee that your press release is picked up by all major search engines, potentially sending you thousands of visitors.

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Solo Ads

Solo ads are adverts you can place in other people's email lists for a set fee based on number of clicks. Check out the details here. It's fairly simple stuff, but very powerful for giving some quick feedback on your product or service - if you get 300 clicks and no prospects then you know there's something wrong with your sales page/product and so you can make improvements and try again.

Video Marketing

Video marketing really requires a complete training manual in it's own right, but I will cover the basic principles here. Essentially you need to create unique videos that offer value to a group of people. The main video site to get your videos published is YouTube, and to be honest, there is no point in even worrying about all the hundreds of other video sharing sites out there. It's best to master the single site that probably accounts for about 90% of the traffic out there. It's a bit like trying to sell on auction sites - there may be cheaper and easier sites to use than eBay, but fundamentally, they simply can't deliver the traffic.

My recommendation is therefore to produce short videos that solve a "problem". For example, I recorded a video which shows people how to get a youtube video to automatically play. Here's the video: Click Here. At the time of writing this, it's been viewed over 6,200 times. (By the way, one of the downsides of video marketing on Youtube is that you have no control over what youtube does with your videos - and they do have a habit of simply deleting videos so if my video is no longer there, you know why).

Now, this video took about 15 minutes to create but has been seen by thousands of people all around the world. I finish it with a short and simple message telling people who I am and letting them know that if they'd like to make some money working from home, they can check out my website.

My Quick Overview of marketing on Youtube:


Here's some simple steps to creating videos:

1) Search for something you already know about. (don't worry, even something obvious to you will be a mystery to someone else).

2) Check how many people search for this on Google (see Google Keyword Tool)

3) Check to see how many relevant videos there are on Youtube (anything less than 2,000 is worth a stab!)

4) Record your video, and save the file name of the video as the keywords your targetting e.g. if you wanted to appear well for the search "how to stop snoring" you should name your video file: "how_to_stop_snoring.flv". It's just another hint to YouTube as to the content of your video.

5) Upload your video on youtube and add a description, title and tag words. Do not over do the "keyword stuffing" (too many keywords and not enough "real" content) or make it look too spammy.

6) Be very careful when adding a link to a website in the video description - if you have too many videos all pointing to the same site and Google/YouTube are not happy with that site (if it's an affiliate or MLM site) then you may find your video is deleted by YouTube.

7) Make sure your description matches what is actually in the video. YouTube can see when people stop watching your videos and if your videos are deemed "low quality" they will soon vanish from sight.

8) Make sure you video really does offer "value" to the viewer. As above, all videos are tracked by YouTube and if your video simply doesn't encourage people to watch all the way through, it will be given a lower quality score than others and hence will not list so well in the search results.

9) If you are in a highly competitive area, it may be worth linking to a relevant "authority site" from your YouTube description as this will help your video and post gain credibility from YouTube and help them work out what the relevancy is to yoru video. e.g. if you were to post a video "how to play guitar" it may be worth searching on Google for "how to play guitar" and find a good site and link to it from your description on your video. You can always change your description at a later date to help improve your video ranking if not overly successful in the first place.

The keys to making a successful video (i.e. one that gets found and played) is to start typing in a search in Youtube and it will give you some suggestions, then check to see how many other videos are suggested. Generally, anytime YouTube suggests there are less than about 2,000 other videos found, it's worth a shot. As you get better, and your account gains credibility you can have a go at producing videos in even more competitive search phrases.

Cost: Nothing. Time: 15 minutes. Restult: Worth at least $5,000 of paid advertising!

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Pay Per Click Marketing

Pay Per Click marketing (PPC) is as the name suggests where you pay for visitors to your site - based on them clicking a link somewhere. The biggest pay per click market place is Google, where you can pay from as little as 4cents per click upwards. If you get pay per click marketing wrong, you can spend a small fortune very fast.

The top 4 PPC market places are:

Google (called Adwords)




Some others well worth looking at are:

BidVertiser - sign up today and get $20 worth of advertising for FREE. Again, easy to use and very genuine advertising.

WARNING: Make sure you set your daily budget to something well within your means. Also, keep your CPC (Cost Per Click) low (e.g. less than 15cents per click). You can really refine your target categories too. I would recommend you only publish your ads in English speaking territories at this stage.

AdBrite - I'm getting great results with Adbrite. It's easy to use, effective and cheap. Takes up to 24 hours to approve your advert though so some patience needed.

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