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Inspirational Videos

Here is a selection of videos that I often watch to help bring a reality check to where I am with my own goals, hopes and dreams. I hope you find them useful too.


Video 1: The 7 secrets of millionaires


Video 2: Don't be limited by thoughts that may have been fed you in the past...


Video 3: Take control of your own vision - otherwise someone else will!


Video 4: One degree is not a lot, but it can make a HUGE difference.


In other words, just do a little more than the average person and you might see amazingly different results.

Video 5: Success takes time, and very often we have struggles on the way


Video 6: A wake up call to the REVOLUTION that is happening today.


Video 7: What's the difference between winners and losers?


Video 8: Failure is not a bad thing...


Video (Audio) 9: Blake "Living the life you're supposed to live"


Video 10: Defining your "reason why". If you don't have a real motivation to success, you probably won't. Watch as this lady explains the turning point in her life.


Video 11: Ryan Blair - started 6 businesses worth multimillions by the time he was 30! Key advice "don't listen to those not qualified to give you advice".


Video 12: Have a great day! A lot can happen in a day. Make good choices today.


Video 13: What really matters in your life?...

Video 14: "Awesome & inspiring" - Click Here