Generating Multiple Income Streams Online

Hi! My name is Paul Hardingham 

Since 2001, I have been blessed to be able to generate a full-time income working from the comfort of home, completely online.

How do I do it? I partner and affiliate myself with companies that offer great products and services that people want and need, and that offer exceptional customer value. I share these products and services and this has created for me multiple, sustainable, income streams. You can do the exact same thing.

How does it work? I specifically look for companies that offer "lifetime revenue share affiliate programs". These type of programs pay repeatedly, every month for the lifetime of the customer which means what I earn is based on the total lifetime value rather than just one off commissions. I learned very early on that subscription based services are key to generating a reliable monthly income. Companies that offer subscription based products look after their customers because that's how they make money so it works in both our interests.

This income is called residual or passive income can keep paying money into your bank account many years after the hard work has been done. It's akin to writing a book or composing a piece of music where you receive ongoing royalties for your past effort. 

I am excited you are here because you too can find the opportunities that will allow you to achieve the same (or greater) success. Navigate through the menu options at the top of the page to explore the various opportunities available. They all work, I use them all and they all generate a regular monthly income for me.