Generating Multiple Income Streams Online

Company Name: UW

Countries Operating: United Kingdom Only

Established: 1996

Product/Service: Utilities, Mobile, Insurance

Cost Of Product: Varies according to services taken, but highly competitive

Affiliate Program: MLM, pays monthly

Cost To Earn: Free for 6 months, then £2 per month

Payout Method: Direct to bank account

UW was founded in 1996, is a London stock market listed company, and helps over 1 million customers save money on their utility bills.

UW offers some of the UK's cheapest energy deals in the UK and employs over 2,500 staff. Customers unlock more savings on energy when they also switch their broadband, mobile and/or insurance to UW. I have been with UW as a customer and as a partner since 2001 and have earned £248,813.98 plus stock options.

You can only join UW as a partner if you live in the UK.