Generating Multiple Income Streams Online

Company Name: VCCrowd

Countries Operating: Globally

Established: 2014

Product/Service: Angel Investing (aka "Dragons' Den for the people")

Cost Of Service: from £29/month

Affiliate Program: 5%-20% revenue share of subscription payments made by your referrals.

Cost To Earn: Free

Payout Method: Direct to bank account

VCCrowd is a managed crowdfunding platform that gives ordinary people access to shares in small businesses that could become the "next big thing", but without big personal financial risk.

All the big companies that exist today were once small start ups. Imagine if you'd managed to get a stake right at the start of Facebook, Tesla, Amazon or Google etc (the list goes on). You'd be a extremely wealthy today. But, that type of investing (called angel investing) requires good connections and lots of money. That is, until VCCrowd came along. They give ordinary people access to exciting share ownership in start ups that have big potential. Think of the Club as a "Dragons' Den for the people."  Membership fees are very affordable, starting at just £29 per month.

I joined the Club back in 2015 and since then they have had 6 of their investments list on public stock markets and my own personal portfolio has grown to well in excess of £300,000. In October 2023, I become the General Manager for VCCrowd. Come and join us today and who knows, you might end up owning shares in the next big thing!